I truly believe that building The Mason Regional Center for the Arts may be the most important opportunity we will have to benefit the most people in our community. By community, I visualize people from all of our surrounding cities participating in the joys that come with participation in the arts as well. We are committed to providing the most complete list of functions that will benefit people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their level of talent.  I am personally honored to be part of this great group of people.  We commit to you our energy, focus, and diligence so that this great facility becomes a reality.

~ Tom Huff

The arts have a powerful impact on society. They touch all generations from participants to audiences and everyone in between. They provide an opportunity for youth to shine and learn life-long skills, as well as bring communities together to celebrate culture. We need to continue to prioritize our local artists and arts organizations so they can thrive. An Arts Center is certainly a missing component in the Mason and surrounding areas and would provide a strong home and gathering place for the entire community.

~ Kim Martin

Throughout history, the arts have served as a form of expression from both individuals and society. This common, shared experience has an almost transcendent ability to bring people together, which could not be more beneficial in today’s society.  Whether performing together as artists, enjoying a performance or appreciating the talented craft of others, a profound connection is formed by those sharing such an experience.  The Mason Arts Council brings a welcome focus on arts for all in our community to share.

~ Richard Bailey

To borrow a well know phrase from one of the most well known and loved musical of all time, WIZARD OF OZ “There’s no place like home”, but with a slight change in our phrase. “There’s no place like our own home.” Mason needs a regional destination for arts and entertainment, and a catalyst for community development and unity. Mason needs an economic development driver for the community, a place to learn, work, and play hard. Mason’s entire community needs a place to be accepted, encouraged, and given experiences that empower all individuals with life impacting experiences and skills.

LIKE THE TIN MAN: We must have a vision for the future, to foster dreams….HEART

LIKE THE SCARECROW: We must use intelligence and wisdom to improve our knowledge and experiences…BRAIN

LIKE THE LION: We must take our commitment and turn that into actions….COURAGE

Mason Arts Council needs each of you to act powerfully and give your support to help us meet our goals.


~ Karen Kilgore

Having grown up in Mason and now being a resident with a family in the community, I have witnessed the explosion in population, business and cultural diversity over the years.  Many amazing things have been brought to and born within our town, however, I feel that one thing’s been missing – the arts.  I believe that valuing, embracing and supporting the arts are vital for a community to thrive.  The city of Mason has so much to offer its residents and those who come to visit but adding the arts will no doubt provide a richer, more fulfilling experience for all.  I’m very passionate about the Mason Arts Council because I know what the future holds for our wonderful city and am honored to help bring our vision to life.

~ Robert Hill

The Mason and West Chester Area has been my home for over 20 years and my extended family has been here for over 50 years. Seeing all the economic growth and diversity in the area has been amazing yet there has never been a center for the arts. My hope as an artist and musician is to have a headquarters for the arts, a place that can reach all ages to be involved in the arts. This will bring our community together in many ways. Like many other cities that are strong in the arts, it makes a city shine above the rest.

~ Kim Wanamaker

The Mason Arts Council’s mission of building and developing a regional arts center in Mason is important to me because our community is important to me. The arts are not only about developing and supporting creativity and talent, but are also about celebrating our community, building connections and engaging with our neighbors, and making Mason a better place to live. My hope is that the regional arts center will support our local arts organizations and artists with a venue to showcase our own homegrown talent, while at the same time creating opportunities for us and our children to experience and learn more about the arts, right here at home.

~ Chris Kim Kahn

Integrating the arts more fully into our lives enriches each of us and engaging in the arts brings individuals of all ages together, fostering community. Artists and art aren’t only in museums, gallery’s, concert halls or the stage; they are all around us. How wonderful to bring not only an outlet for their creativity to our area but also a venue to share with all.

Arts feed the soul and The Mason Regional Center for the Arts will bring this to Mason while stimulating business and economic growth.  I am honored to be part of The Mason Arts Council and look forward to working together to bring this vital addition to our communities.

~ Terry Smith

Art in public spaces gives a city a unique identity and shows its sense of pride, making it more attractive for investments and economic endeavors. It preserves our heritage, while bringing generations, cultures and neighbors together. Community arts have had a tremendous impact on my life, allowing me to learn new skills, grow my confidence, meet new friends and, perhaps most importantly, expand my world view. I’m so proud to bring this to our community and provide a place that incubates collaboration and celebrates our city’s uniqueness. 

~ Kelly Sakalas

The arts play a vital role in a community: inspiring creativity, creating culture, encouraging conversation, and bringing diverse people together. They enhance our physical surroundings and reflect our community values. The arts also promote tourism, increase business, and foster economic growth. Over the past 20 years my family and I have made Mason our home.  We’ve seen our community grow into one of the best places to live in Ohio. I am proud to help build on that solid foundation by serving on the Mason Arts Council. My vision for the future of our community includes The Mason Regional Center For The Arts – a vibrant, entertaining and inspiring facility, enriching lives for years to come.

~ Evans Nwankwo